Dryer Vents and Exhaust Fans

在执法部门,有许多无名英雄. But that doesn’t stop these dedicated professionals from getting the job done—day in and day out.

Dryer vents and exhaust fans are two of the unsung heroes of well-run households. Time after time, they are called upon to perform the important behind-the-scenes work that keeps appliances (and households) humming along. 我们不会对它们想太多——直到出现了严重的问题.

Dryer Vents

You probably think that cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer is all the upkeep it requires. 但是绒毛和其他粘稠物会通过绒毛收集器,堵塞烘干机的通风口. Dryer vents are also vulnerable when inferior materials are used or the installation is shoddy. This can lead to an arsenal of problems, including fires, carbon monoxide buildup, inefficient operation, higher energy bills, 更大的磨损和撕裂的衣服和霉菌生长.

根据国家消防协会的说法, there are roughly 15,970 home structure fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines each year. On average, these fires kill 13 people, injure 444 and cause $238 million in property damage. 其中大部分(92%)涉及干衣机, 首先在火焰中燃烧的物质通常是灰尘, fiber and lint.

You don’t need to give your dryer the third degree to determine if there’s a clog or an obstruction. 主要嫌疑人通常非常愿意“开口”.” If you notice any of these things, 这可能意味着你的烘干机不再在正道上了:

  • There’s excess lint buildup behind the dryer.
  • 晾干衣服和其他物品的时间也变长了.
  • Your clothes are covered with lint.
  • 经过干燥循环后,绒毛收集器是空的.
  • Lint is collecting around the door seal.

We’ll Call Out the Cavalry

At Texas Air Authorities, we’ll do everything within our power to keep you from becoming a statistic. We will saddle up and ride on over to take care of all of your dryer vent needs, including cleaning, 修复, replacement and installation. 我们的技术人员在干衣机通风口方面是神枪手. We have the skills and experience to evaluate the evidence and solve the case. 当我们解决了你的烘干机排气口的问题后,我们就可以离开了, 你可以放心,它会安全运行的, efficiently and affordably.

大多数制造商建议清洗干燥机的通风口 at least 一年一次,根据使用情况,最多一个月一次. At Texas Air Authorities, we’ll investigate thoroughly and use the most powerful ammunition to revive your dryer’s efficiency and reliability. 我们的大量清洁服务包括:

  • Visual inspection
  • Lint screen cleaning
  • Booster fan cleaning
  • Line cleanings
  • Clog and debris removal

当你允许我们的精英团队清理你的烘干机通风口时, you’ll experience an arsenal of benefits, including increased fire 安全ty, decreased risk of excessive carbon monoxide, lower energy costs, greater efficiency, longer dryer lifespan, elimination of 模具 and less wear-and-tear on clothes and other laundered items.

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Exhaust fans

从浴室到厨房,以及整个家里, exhaust fans help keep rooms cool, 舒服的, 安全, moisture-free and odor-free. Without a properly working exhaust fan in your bathroom, it becomes a steamy, sticky mess. 它也是霉菌的完美滋生地, 模具, 铁锈和其他有害物质会导致健康和清洁问题. +, what would you do without that vent hood performing guard duty in the kitchen, chasing out excess steam, 油脂, 热, smoke and those overpowering cooking smells? Kitchen exhaust fans improve your air quality and protect your cabinets from the damage that can occur when 热, smoke or moisture builds up over time.

From a rattling fan blade that’s disturbing the peace to a faulty motor that can no longer 安全guard your comfort, Texas Air Authorities has the skills and experience to investigate the “crime” scene and identify the culprit responsible for the chaos. We will never try to strong-arm you into a costlier replacement when a more affordable 修复 is your best defense. However, we are also expert marksmen for all of your replacement and installation needs.

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